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Specialty Course

Search & Recovery Diver

How to sign up


Courses are arranged by request.


Please contact us through the contact page or by email or phone. Our office will direct you to one of our instructors, so you can talk directly, ask questions and arrange a course schedule.

It happens to all of us. We drop things. When we drop things from from a boat, pier or shore, who else can go find them but a scuba diver?

Methodical search patterns are used to locate missing objects and recovery procedures are used to bring the objects to the surface. Recreational divers use the skills taught in the PADI Search & Recovery Specialty Course to further your diving knowledge and enjoyment, but the course will also provide you with a taste of what professional divers do for a living.


Search & Recovery requires proficiency in navigation techniques and and as such goes hand-in-hand with Underwater Navigator specialty.


Course Contents


You'll learn


  • Search & recovery dive planning, organization, procedures and techniques

  • Compass use

  • Search patterns: expanding square, U-pattern, circular search with a rope or line, jackstay pattern

  • Recovery techniques using a lift bag

  • Rigging recoverable objects and knot tying


You'll practise search patterns on land before you put your skills to use underwater. During the course you'll do


  • Four (4) dives in open water (2 days)

  • Knowledge review


There is a video to watch - if you like - and a you'll get a manual. You'll need to complete two Knowledge Reviews. A review session with your instructor is done at some point either between or after the dives, or as a separate session.





  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Junior Advanced Open Water Diver (or have a qualifying certification from another organization),
    PADI Open Water Diver plus Underwater Navigator Specialty Diver

  • Minimum age 12 years


Course fee


Search & Recovery Specialty:   from HKD2,400 per person


Course fee includes professional instruction, course manual, tanks & weights used during the course and certification fee.

Video - PADI Search and Recovery Specialty

Lift bag use

Search & Recovery Specialty teaches you to conduct methodical search patterns and how to bring objects back to the surface. Using a lift bag to lift heavy objects is one of the skills in the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty.

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