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Specialty Course

Full Face Mask Diver

Full Face Mask allows you to 


  • breathe naturally through your nose rather than your mouth,

  • the freedom to have nothing clenched between your teeth,

  • communicate underwater by talking,

  • increase thermal protection for your face,

  • increase your field of vision.


Course Contents


You'll learn how to


  • set up the full face mask

  • clear, remove and replace the full face mask underwater

  • emergency procedures while wearing a full face mask


During the course you'll do


  • Confined water session

  • Two (2) dives in open water





  • PADI Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another organization

  • Minimum age 15 years



Course fee


Full Face Mask Diver Specialty:   from HKD2,900 per person


Course fee includes professional instruction, tanks & weights used during the course and certification fee.

How to sign up


Courses are arranged by request.

Please contact us through the contact page or by email or phone. Our office will direct you to one of our instructors, so you can talk directly, ask questions and arrange a course schedule.

It is actually somewhat strange that diving with a Full Face Mask is not more common in recreational diving. After all, with full face mask you can breathe through your nose without having to bite into the mouthpiece and it allows you to communicate normally by talking.

Full face mask diver

Full Face Mask allows wider vision, verbal communication between divers and you can breath normally through your nose.

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