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Link to Pro-Diver's training locations and Hong Kong diving site maps.
Link to Weather information and notices for Hong Kong scuba diving
Weather Information

Weather does sometimes play havoc on diving plans. Typhoon 3 or above, Red and Black rainstorm warnings cancel open water diving. Please note that rain or thunderstorms as such do not cancel any diving.

See weather information and warnings...

Sai Kung - the scene for most scuba diving in Hong Kong | Information for scuba diving in Hong Kong.
Link to boat schedules and fun diver rates.
Boat Schedules and Fun Divers

Fun divers and non-divers can join the training boats.

Fun diver and non-diver rates and booking information...

Link to scuba diving Rental Equipment
Rental Equipment

Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses include full scuba equipment rental in the course price. For other courses equipment rental is available.

Go to the rental equipment...


Link to Scuba diving photos from Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia.
Photo Galleries

A collection of scuba diving photos from Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia taken by Hong Kong divers. More...

Link to PADI Continuing education flowchart
PADI Course Chart

Clickable course chart helps you plan your next step in your diving career. PADI Course chart is clickable only on the full site - on mobile devices using the mobile version of the site the chart is viewable only. See full chart...


PSAI Course Flowcharts - General, technical and overhead diving programs
PSAI Course Charts

PSAI Course charts include recreational sports diving paths as well as paths to general technical diving and diving in overhead environments. PSAI Course Chart is clickable on both the full site and the mobile version. See full chart...

Link to common questions about scuba diving courses and requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about scuba diving - especially if you are just starting, you are likely to find that other people have had the same questions. Questions we get asked a lot...


Links & Downloads

A collection of external links to scuba diving and CPR & First Aid sites, documents and other resources you might find useful. You'll get and fill in all necessary documents when you enroll in a course. If you wish, you can view and download the most common ones. Link to links...

Link to scuba diving documents and resources.
Link to Terms and Conditions for scuba diving courses offered by Pro-Diver Development.
Terms and Conditions

And the small print... Well, not really, but at least a semi-legal document to try to get us on the same page on what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you when you do courses with us. More...


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