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PADI Rescue Diver Course

PADI Rescue Diver Course makes the serious subject of accident prevention and management enjoyable and rewarding. Until now, the emphasis of your training has been on you and your dive buddy; the Rescue Diver Course teaches you how to make scuba diving safer and more enjoyable for others.

Many experienced divers say that the Rescue Diver course is the most rewarding course they have taken, and the course after which they truly started considering themselves divers.


What you learn


During the PADI Rescue Diver Course, you'll learn to identify possible hazards, evaluate situations and solve problems before they turn into a serious incident. From assisting a tired diver to handling an unconscious diver, you'll learn and practice diver rescues, administering proper diving first aid and managing diving accident situations. You'll learn these through skills practice and realistic accident scenarios.

Our Rescue Diver course is usually combined with the Emergency First Response course, which trains you in CPR and emergency first-aid, and meets the important prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Course. As you learn dive accident management, you'll apply your CPR and first aid skills to the unique needs of scuba diving.

By the time you finish the PADI Rescue Diver Course, you'll be a qualified first responder whether an accident occurs in or out of the water.

You can also get certified as an Emergency Oxygen Provider by completing the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course integrated into your Rescue Diver course.

Surfacing an unconscious diver

You'll go through several training exercises in the Rescue Diver Course. Here, the rescuer is bringing an unconscious diver to the surface.

Rescue Diver Course

in nutshell


What's in the course?

  • Combined EFR+Rescue Diver course:
    2 x 3.5hrs of classroom practice for EFR, plus
    2 x 3hrs of classroom sessions
    for Rescue Diver course

  • 2 full days in open water



  • Minimum 12 years of age

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another agency)

  • CPR&First Aid training (EFR or equivalent) within the last 24 months



  • Classroom sessions at Pro-Diver in Sheung Wan

  • Open water training in Sai Kung


How much?

Rescue Diver only: HKD3,500

EFR+Rescue Diver: HKD4,500

Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty with Rescue Diver course: HKD600

Inwater rescue breaths - Rescue Diver Course

After establishing buoyancy for yourself and the victim, the next step is to check if the victim is breathing. You'll learn to provide rescue breaths for an unconscious diver on the surface in the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

But it looks really hard... Will I be able to do it?


Yes, you will be able to do it. Firstly, in water, we are essentially 'weightless': even a small diver can handle much bigger divers easily with correct techniques.

Secondly, we don't expect you to be a superhero. We don't expect a 45kg/100lb woman or 12 year old to carry a 100kg/220lb man on their backs like the bearded fellow in one of the pictures (even though we've seen 12-year-olds carry their fathers...), there are other ways and techniques.

You'll be surprised how much you actually can do if you need to assist another diver in an emergency.

Course Structure


The course consists of Knowledge Development and Open Water training.


Knowledge Development

You'll do most of the studying as self-study in the comfort of your home - or wherever you prefer. You'll have a manual to read and knowledge review questions to answer.


A combined EFR+Rescue course has four classroom sessions. The first two are dedicated to learning CPR and First Aid skills (Emergency First Response program). The other two sessions cover the material from the PADI Rescue Diver course.


Open Water Training

There are two open water days (and these are long days…) in the course, typically Saturday and Sunday. Each water session will consist of several open water training exercises.

The open water sessions include


  • self-rescue and diver stress management

  • tired and panicked diver response

  • swimming and non-swimming assists

  • Panicked diver underwater

  • missing diver procedures and underwater searches

  • surfacing an unconscious diver

  • in-water rescue breathing with and without pocket mask

  • exits with conscious and unconscious divers

  • dive first aid emergency management and equipment

  • first aid procedures for diving accidents

  • oxygen administration for dive accident victims

  • dive accident scenarios.

Exiting with an unconscious diver in PADI Rescue Course

You practice exits with unconscious divers. There are various techniques suitable for different environments.

Emergency Oxygen for weakly breathing unconscious diver.

Emergency Oxygen is first aid for all scuba diving related accidents. In PADI Rescue Diver course you'll learn to provide oxygen to conscious and unconscious patients. You can also earn Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty certification with your Rescue Diver course.


How long it takes


In a combined Rescue Diver + EFR course, there are


  • two (2) classroom sessions for EFR (2 x 3-4 hours)

  • two (2) classroom sessions for Rescue Diver (2 x 3 hours)

  • two (2) days of open water training


Usually four evenings and a weekend.



In order to enroll in PADI Rescue Diver course, you need to be or have


  • (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver (or have qualifying certification from another organization), or (Junior) Adventure Diver and completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive


  • completed a sanctioned CPR & First Aid program within the past 24 months (EFR recommended). If you haven't, take the EFR + Rescue Diver package.


  • at least 12 years of age.


What you need


You'll need basic scuba equipment and a compass.


Course Materials


PADI Rescue Diver manual with Accident Management slate

(included in the course fee)

EFR Primary & Secondary Care manual (included in the EFR course and the Rescue+EFR package)



Course Fees


Rescue Diver only     HKD3,500 (available if you have current CPR&First Aid training)

Rescue Diver + EFR  HKD4,500


Rescue Diver courses run with minimum three (3) participants


PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider: HKD600 when done in conjunction with our Rescue Diver course.


The course fees include student manual(s), dive fees, tanks&weight belts and certification fees. Transportation to and from pool, pier/shore dive site is not included.

Next course:
Rescue Diver + EFR Course

Tuesday, TBA
19:00 - approx. 22:30
Primary Care (CPR)
Pro-Diver, Sheung Wan

Wednesday, TBA

19:00 - approx. 22:30
Secondary Care (First Aid)
Pro-Diver, Sheung Wan


Rescue Diver Course

Tuesday, TBA - Theory
19:00 - 22:00
Chapters 1-3
Pro-Diver, Sheung Wan

Thursday, TBA - Theory
19:00 - 22:00
Chapters 4-5 + Exam
Pro-Diver, Sheung Wan

Saturday, TBA  - Open water training
08:45 - 18:00
Day 1 - Boat
Sai Kung

Saturday, TBA - Open water training
08:45 - 18:00
Day 2
Sheung Sze Wan

A course can be set up with minimum of three participants.

Next course
How to sign up


Courses are arranged every two months or so. Group courses run with minimum of three (3) participants. Courses can also be arranged by request. The next scheduled course is on this page, more courses are on Schedules page.


A new Rescue Diver course can be set up with minimum of three participants.


Please contact us by email or phone. Our office will direct you to one of our instructors, so you can talk directly, ask questions and arrange a course schedule.

To sign up, you should come to our office to collect the study materials, fill in the paperwork and pay the course fee. It is best to set up a time with your instructor so he/she can take you through the paper work, course requirements, study materials, etc.

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