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PSAI Sport Diver Programs

While PSAI is best known as the forerunner for technical diver training, recreational scuba training is in the program, too. We offer a full recreational scuba dive training path from beginner level to professional and technical levels also under the PSAI umbrella.


The PSAI Sports Diver course flow is slightly different from that of PADI. After PSAI Open Water Sport Diver the training focuses on Specialties to develop special aspects of different types of diving.


You achieve the PSAI Silver Status Sport Diver rating after completing five (5) specialty ratings including PSAI Basic Underwater Navigation, PSAI Deep Sport Diving and Advanced Buoyancy Control specialties, PSAI Gold Status Sport Diver rating after eight (8) specialties and PSAI Platinum Status Sport Diver rating with eleven (11) specialties.


PSAI RAPID - Rescue, Accident Prevention & Intervention Diver - Rescue Diver course is designed for divers who wish to learn the skills necessary to complete self-rescue and “buddy assistance” rescues in the recreational diving environment. You can take the course before finishing your PSAI Silver, Gold or Platinum Status diver programs.


You can read about PSAI Sports Diver scuba courses following the links or by clicking the boxes in the PSAI Sports Diver flowchart on the left.


5 Specialties

1) Basic Underwater Navigation

2) Deep Sport Diving

3) Advanced Buoyancy Control (ABC)


4) Elective Specialty

5) Elective Specialty

8 Specialties

5 Specialties from PSAI Silver Status Sport Diver Programs +

3 Additional Specialties

11 Specialties

5 Specialties from PSAI Silver Status Sport Diver Programs +

6 Additional Specialties

PSAI Sport Diver Programs
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