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PSAI Advanced Nitrox


PSAI Advanced Nitrox teaches you to conduct staged decompression dives down to 45m diving utilizing enriched air (nitrox) mixes and EAN50 and 100% oxygen for accelerated decompression. The Advanced Nitrox certification is the first step in PSAI's technical diving programs.

Group of technical divers hovering at decompression stop
Course Objectives


This course provides the necessary information for a PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver to know the proper procedures to:


  • Determine appropriate Nitrox gas for planned dives.

  • Determine appropriate diving equipment for planned Nitrox dives.

  • Plan and conduct dives based in established limits and cautions for Nitrox gases.

  • Analyze and verify Nitrox gases for diving.




A diver that successfully completes the PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver program will be qualified to:


  • Plan and conduct dives with Nitrox mixtures up to and including 100% oxygen (EAN22 to Oxygen).

  • Obtain appropriate Nitrox gases up to 100% oxygen for diving.

  • Conduct Advanced Nitrox dives in environments and conditions that approximate those of training to the maximum depth of 45m.

  • Undertake staged decompression techniques.



  • Minimum age 18 years old

  • Certifications: Enriched Air Diver from a recognized dive agency
    PSAI ABC Program Diver recommended.

  • Minimum of fifty (50) logged open water dives of which at least 10 between 27 meters (90 feet) and 40 meters (130 feet). These must be dives after being certified to these depths, not just logged.


What you do

  • Approximately 6 hours for classroom and practical demonstrations

  • Minimum one confined water (pool) session

  • A minimum of four (4) open water dives:
    - Dive one to 27 meters
    - Dive two to 30 meters
    - Dive three to 40 meters
    - Dive four to 42-45 meters


What you need


Technical dive equipment.




PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver manual.

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