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PSAI Extended Range Nitrox

PSAI Extended Range Nitrox Diver

The Professional Scuba Association International’s (PSAI) Extended Range Nitrox Diver course is designed for divers who wish to conduct dives beyond 45 meters (150 feet) to the maximum of 55 meters (180 feet) using staged decompression techniques for both depth and extended bottom times. The Extended Range course uses air as the primary back gas and two decompression gases.

Course Objectives


The PSAI Extended Range Nitrox course provides the necessary information for a diver to know the proper procedures to:


  • Determine appropriate gas for planned dive depths as well as the appropriate decompression gases.

  • Determine appropriate diving equipment for planned Extended Range Nitrox Dives.

  • Plan dives based on established limits and cautions for diving gases.

  • Analyze and verify all gases for Extended Range diving.

  • Monitor and acknowledge the various effects of Gas Narcosis.

Qualifications after the course


A diver that successfully completes PSAI Extended Range Nitrox Diver program will be qualified to:


  • Plan and conduct extended range dives to maximum depth of 55 meters (180 feet) utilizing both air and Nitrox mixtures including accelerated decompression techniques with up to 100% oxygen.

  • Evaluate the effects of Gas Narcosis for Extended Range Nitrox dives.

  • Obtain appropriate diving gases for Extended Range Nitrox diving.

  • Conduct Extended Range Nitrox dives in environments and conditions that approximate those of training.


Course Contents

  • Extended Range Nitrox Diving Equipment & Configuration

  • Enriched Oxygen Mixture

  • The Physiological Effects of High Oxygen Partial Pressures

  • Tracking CNS Exposure and OTU’s

  • Hypercapnia

  • Decompression Sickness

  • PSAI Dive Planning and Execution Procedures for Extended Range Nitrox Diving

  • PSAI Extended Range Nitrox Diving Skills



  • Minimum age 18 years old

  • Certification: PSAI Advanced Nitrox Diver or equivalent

  • minimum of 75 logged open water dives of which
    - minimum of 20 decompression dives deeper than 30 meters (100 feet)

  • Twinset experience


Technical Diver

Extended Range course takes you to depths where every dive is more like a night dive: very little natural light penetrates to the Extended Range depths.

What you do

  • Approximately 8 hours for classroom and practical demonstrations

  • One confined water (pool) session*

  • A minimum of six (6) open water dives. All dives will be deeper than 30 meters:
    - two (2) to the depth between 30-40 meters
    - two (2) deeper than 40 meters.
    - one (1) deeper than 50 meters
    - one (1) to 52-55 meters

    *) At the PSAI instructor’s discretion



What you need


Technical dive equipment.




PSAI Extended Range Nitrox Diver manual and appropriate dive planning materials.

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