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PSAI Open Water Sport Diver Course

Open Water Sport Diver (OWSD) is PSAI's entry-level scuba certification course. Upon successful completion of this course, you will have proven your competence to use standard scuba equipment and engage in open water diving activities without supervision in diving activities and conditions that approximate those encountered in training.


Course Structure

The Open Water Sport Diver course has three parts:


Dive theory - It is important that you understand the basic principles of diving: a little bit of physics and physiology, important diving safety rules, dive procedures and dive planning and scuba diving equipment are all covered.


Skills practice in a swimming pool - You learn basic scuba skills in a safe environment. Once you have mastered the skills you are ready for your open water dives.


Open water dives - You apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in the open water. You'll plan your dive - and dive your plan.


The course consists of


  • 6-9 hours of classroom sessions

  • 6-8 hours of confined water (pool) training

  • Five (5) open water dives




In order to enroll in the PSAI Open Water Sports Diver course you need to be


  • minimum of 10 years old

  • able to perform a 10 minute rescue swim (float/tread water/swim)



You'll study using the PSAI Open Water Sport Diver Manual. You will also have PSAI Repetitive Dive Table for Air Diving.



Course Completion Performance Requirements

To be awarded the Professional Scuba Association International’s Open Water Sport Diver certification, you must:


  • Attend all academic sessions.

  • Successfully master all academic, topside, surface and underwater skills.

  • Conduct the open water dives with appropriate skill and attention to all dive parameters.

  • Complete the PSAI Open Water Sport Diver written examination with a score of at least 80%. All questions shall be correctly answered or remediated and explained.

  • Correctly plan, execute, and log the required dives.


Course fee

Group Course    HKD4,500 / person (minimum 2 participants)
Private              HKD7,500 / person (One-on-one with the instructor)


Course fees include professional instruction, PSAI Open Water Sport Diver Manual, log book, use of scuba gear, tanks and weight belts during the course, pool fees, five (5) open water dives and certification processing fee. Transportation to and from pool, pier/shore dive site is not included.


PSAI Open Water Course
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