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PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver Course

RAPID stands for Rescue, Accident Prevention & Intervention Diver. PSAI Rescue Diver course provides the necessary information for a PSAI RAPID Program™ Rescue diver to know the proper procedures for:


  • Preventing accidents.

  • Developing an accident response plan.

  • Responding to accidents when they occur.

  • Completing the appropriate incident reports after an accident has occurred.




In order to enroll in PSAI Rescue Diver course, you need to


  • be certified as Open Water Diver or higher

  • be at least 15 years of age

  • have minimum of 25 logged dives

  • have CPR & First Aid training


Course Contents




The Anatomy of a Diving Accident

  1. Understanding pre dive preparation and the issues that lack of preparation can cause.

  2. Identifying and understanding the common triggers that are precedents for accidents.

  3. Understanding panic as a key to the accident chain and the physiological aspects of the panic circle.


Accident Prevention

  1. Pre-dive preparation as a preventive measure:
    Plan Your Dive - Dive Your Plan.

  2. Identifying behaviors in divers that are indicative of stress levels that increase the likelihood of diving accidents.

  3. Intervening to correct problems and alleviate stress before the dive without confrontation.


Common Diving Injuries and Maladies

  1. Narcosis and narcosis as a factor in diving accidents.

  2. The causes, symptoms, effects and treatment for arterial gas embolism (AGE).

  3. The causes, symptoms, effects and treatment for cerebral arterial gas embolism (CAGE).

  4. Other lung over pressurization injuries.
    a. Pneumothorax.
    b. Subcutaneous emphysema.
    c. Others.

  5. The causes, symptoms, effects and treatment for decompression sickness (DCS).

Treatment of Drowning or Near Drowning

The Signs, Symptoms and Field Treatments for Common Marine Life Injuries

Dive Site Surveys

  1. Identifying common hazards.

  2. Dive planning to avoid obvious hazards.

  3. Identifying hazards that may be hidden.

  4. Shifting currents.

  5. Upwellings and down drafts.

  6. Tidal currents.

  7. Other hazards.

Developing a Plan and Conducting a Search for a Missing Diver

Developing and Accident Response Plan


Open Water Training


Over two days in water, you'll learn to


  • Evaluate a dive site identifying the most likely hazards in order of threat level.

  • Develope a complete emergency response plan for a dive site

  • Respond to a panicked diver on the surface.

  • Respond to an unconscious breathing diver on the surface.

  • Respond to an unconscious non-breathing diver on the surface delivering rescue breaths

  • Recover an unconscious, breathing diver underwater

  • Recover unconscious non breathing diver on the bottom

  • Respond to a panicked diver underwater

  • conduct a missing diver search

  • exit with an conscious and unconscious diver

  • complete an incident report



How long it takes

Two evenings and two days:


  • two (2) classroom sessions for PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver (2 x 3 hours)

  • two (2) days of open water training


If you don't have current CPR& First Aid training, prior to your rescue diver training, you'll also need to reserve time for


  • two (2) classroom sessions for CPR&First Aid training
    (2 x 3-4 hours)



Course Materials

PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver manual.



Course Fees

PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver only HKD3,500 minimum three (3) participants

Available if you have current CPR&First Aid training.


PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver+ EFR  HKD4,500


Emergency Oxygen Provider: HKD600 when done in conjunction with our PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver course.


The course fees include student manual(s), dive fees, tanks&weight belts and certification fees. Transportation to and from pool, pier/shore dive site is not included. Scuba equipment rental is not included in the course price, but is available at extra charge. If you don't have your own scuba equipment, please check with us for current rental rates.


How do I enroll?

We do not have fixed schedules: courses are arranged by request, or when the minimum number of participants are joining. A PSAI RAPID Rescue Diver course can be set up with minimum of three participants.


Please contact us by email or phone. Our office will direct you to one of our instructors, so you can talk directly, ask questions and arrange a course schedule.

PSAI Rescue Course
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