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Discover Scuba Diving / Try Scuba Now!

While not a scuba certification course, Discover Scuba Diving / Try Scuba Now! is an easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. You will


  • find out what it’s like to breathe underwater.

  • get familiar with the scuba equipment you use to dive

  • find out how easy it is to move around underwater with your gear.

  • have fun swimming around.


Your instructor will first explain a few key concepts about diving safety. You'll use standard scuba diving equipment. Your instructor will help you gear up and go over the equipment with you so you'll know what is what. You will then take your first breaths underwater and swim around under the instructor's watchful eye.





We usually run our introductory programs in a swimming pool. The pool we use is Chi Fu Fa Yuen swimming pool in Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong island. It is a heated indoor pool that offers a shallow part for easy gearing up and your first breaths underwater.


If you prefer a half a day or so outdoors, there are a few dive sites where the program can be run safely in an open water setting. These are usually shore dives from a beach.



When and How long?


The program takes about two (2) hours when run in the swimming pool and can be run in the evenings after work hours. If day time works better for you we can certainly arrange.



What do you need?


All tanks and scuba equipment is provided for you to use, all you need is swimming suit/trunks and towel.



Who can do it?


In order to try scuba diving, you'll need to be


  • at least 10 years old.

  • in reasonable (normal) health.


You need to fill in a Medical Questionnaire in order to evaluate that you fill the health requirements for diving. You may also be required to have a check-up by a physician. You can download the Medical Questionnaire here.


How much?


HKD800 per person for the swimming pool experience


HKD1,500 per person for open water experience
(minimum two participants)


Prices include use of tanks and scuba equipment.


Please contact us to arrange.

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Discover Scuba Diving is a PADI program and Try Scuba Now! is a PSAI program. They both do the same thing: they let you try scuba diving.

Discover Scuba Diving - Try scuba diving safely in Hong Kong - Chi Fu, HK Island

Discover Scuba Diving allows you to try diving safely in a swimming pool.

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