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Care for Children - CPR & First Aid Course

Care for Children course teaches participants how to provide emergency care for injured or ill children and infants less than one year old. Participants learn about the types of medical emergencies that children face, and how they differ from adults.

The skills you learn:


Primary Care skills:


  • Scene Assessment

  • Barrier Use

  • Primary Assessment

  • Chest Compressions(child and infant)

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (child and infant)
    - chest compressions
    - artificial respiration (rescue breaths)

  • Serious bleeding management

  • Shock management

  • Spinal injury management

  • Conscious and unconscious choking management (child and infant)



Secondary Care skills:


  • Injury Assessment

  • Bandaging

  • Illness Assessment





None - EFR courses are available for anyone


Course Structure


Approximately 8 hours in a classroom. The Care for Children is typically run in two sessions over two evenings or two days (3.5-4 hrs each session), or as a full-day program.




Our classroom in Sheung Wan, or if you have a large group we can run the course at your preferred location.


Course options


Care for Children - Primary Care (CPR) + Secondary Care (First Aid):
HKD1,200 per person


Combined Standard EFR + Care for Children (Adult/Children/Infant CPR&First Aid): HKD1,600 per person


Course fee includes professional instruction, Care for Children manual and certification fee. Courses require minimum of two participants to run.


What you need


Comfortable clothes you don't mind rolling on the floor in.

CPR&First Aid for children and infants in Hong Kong.
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Cycle of Care: AB-CABS

Care for Children course includes both Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (first aid) skills. The primary care portion of the course prepares the rescuer to help an infant or child with a life-threatening emergency such as choking or cardiac arrest. Secondary care focuses on developing first aid skills and building the rescuer’s confidence to help an infant or child in need when emergency medical services are either delayed or unavailable.

Care for Children Course focuses on CPR and First Aid for children and infants.

Next course:
EFR - Care for Children

Friday, Jun 7, 2019

9:00 - approx. 17:30

Primary Care, Secondary Care

Pro-Diver, Sheung Wan​

Courses are available by request. 

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