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PSAI Open Water Instructor

Course Objectives and Qualifications

PSAI Open Water IQC trains and evaluates candidates to the level of instructional competency of a candidate. Upon successful completion of the IQC, the candidate will be qualified to teach and certify PSAI Open Water divers.


Prerequisites for IQC

Candidates must be or have:


  • PSAI Divemaster (or equivalent).

  • PSAI Rescue Diver certification (or equivalent).

  • Current Oxygen Provider.

  • Current in First Aid.

  • Proof of a minimum of one hundred (100) logged scuba dives.

  • Minimum of six (6) months scuba diving experience.

  • Assisted in at least one (1) complete PSAI Open Water Diver program, or equivalent.

  • At least 18 years of age.


Course Minimums and Standards

The Open Water Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) is a full seven day program. The OWI candidate is directed in methods and techniques of:


  1. Training divers as PSAI Open Water Divers.

  2. Promotion and marketing of PSAI programs

  3. Diving equipment sales.

  4. Limiting professional liability.


The Open Water IQC will cover additional topics including:


  1. PSAI Standards, Polices, and Procedures.

  2. Selection of a dive site for proper teaching and safety for the PSAI Open Water Diver program.

  3. Local laws and regulations governing scuba diving services.


  • Classroom Presentations
    Each IQC will require a minimum of two (2) lecture presentations and appropriate written examinations which will require approximately 3 to 4 hours.


  • Confined Water Demonstrations
    Candidates must perform and demonstrate all the skills of the PSAI Open Water Diver program at a professional proficiency level to the PSAI Open Water IT’s satisfaction.


  • Open Water Demonstrations
    Each IQC will require a minimum of two (2) Open Water dives appropriate to the level sought by the candidate.

    1. Dive One shall consist of a normal dive that allows the Instructor Trainer to evaluate the candidate’s general diving competence.

    2. Dive Two consists of a dive in which the candidate acts as the instructor, delivering a specific briefing for a dive appropriate to the level sought by the candidate. Either the Instructor Trainer or another instructor candidate may act as the simulated student.

    3. Candidate need to demonstrate in open water at least one (1) complete open water rescue.

Course Materials


  • PSAI Open Water Instructor Manual.

  • PSAI Open Water Instructor Dive Lectures Manual.

  • PSAI Open Water Diver Student Manual. The PSAI Open Water PowerPoint Slide Presentation.

  • A current copy of the PSAI Standards, Policies and Procedures Manual.

Equipment Requirements

Standard recreational scuba equipment with audible and visible signaling device, compass, cutting device, slates.

Course Completion Performance Requirements

The Professional Scuba Association International’s Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) will be conducted with the following format:

A. Paper work and administrative review.
B. Timed written examination (Diver level).
C. Equipment configuration and setup evaluation.
D. Dive one; evaluation of candidates basic diving skill.
E. Academic lesson presentation number one and critique.
F.  Dive two; evaluation of candidates instructional skill
G. Academic lesson presentation number two and critique.
H. Timed written examination (Instructor level).
I.  Final evaluation and counseling.


To be certified as a PSAI Instructor, the candidate must:


  • Attend the complete IQC.

  • Perform all skills and assignments at instructional level quality.

  • Provide complete and correct information, including alternatives to the candidates “favorite” technique, in dive related skills.

  • Complete all written examinations, record keeping and critiques at instructional level competency.

PSAI is one of the fastest growing scuba training agencies in China. As a PSAI Instructor you have an opportunity to work closely and directly with the certification agency and take dive training into new areas.


If you are PSAI Divemaster or equivalent from another recognized training agency, you become a PSAI Open Water Instructor by attending and completing the PSAI Open Water Instructor Qualification Course.

PSAI Instructor Course

PSAI Recreational (Sport) Instructor Flowchart
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PSAI Instructor Course in China
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