Mexico, 2015 - Cave Training and Diving

Mexico, 2015 - Overhead Sidemount

Diving the Mexican cave system has always been the dream trip of many divers, whether it's just a swim-through at the Cenotes showered by gorgeous sunrays, or a challenging penetration into well decorated chambers miles into the cave.

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In October 2015, a group of PSAI technical divers from Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Suzhou were thrilled to travel half way around the globe to the world famous cave diving heaven, Mexico. Led by Gallup Lee, PSAI-China Instructor Trainer Evaluator, it was a week of training with the PSAI Overhead Sidemount course to earn Cave Diver certification for some, while the already certified cave divers enjoyed the beauty of the various well-known cave systems in the region.

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Mexico, 2015 -  Cave Training
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