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PSAI 體育潛水員方案

5 Specialties

1) 水底導航

2) PSAI 深潛潛水員

3) PSAI 進階浮力控制


4) Elective Specialty

5) Elective Specialty

5 Specialties from PSAI Advanced Open Water Programs +

3 Additional Specialties

PSAI 通用技術潛水課程
See PSAI Professional Programs Chart
PSAI 進階沉船潛水課程


PSAI 進階開放水域潛水員

PSAI 進階浮力控制

PSAI 深潛潛水員

PSAI 水底導航



PSAI 進階富氧

PSAI Overhead Environment Specialties


PSAI Overhead Environment Sidemount Diver

PSAI Overhead Environment Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver

PSAI Underwater Cave Survey and Cartography

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